An exciting day at the races cheering your horse down the finishing straight, early mornings on the gallops, race planning with the trainer, hopefully combined with some success are all elements of racehorse ownership.

At Whitsbury Manor Stables we aim to cater for all budgets and provide an informed and professional training and ownership service. Our existing owners range from friendly and social racing partnerships to sole owners and owner breeders.

There are two main routes into ownership;

  1. Sole ownership is where a racehorse is owned outright by one party, this means should they go onto be a stable star, the sole owner will be the main beneficiary from the prize money the horse earns, but they are also responsible for all the training and racing expenses for that horse.
  2. Co-Ownership of racehorses is a popular route into ownership. This is where the racing and training fees along with the enjoyment and success are shared accordingly between more than one person.

Contact us for a friendly and informative discussion of your ownership requirements.

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