The Team

At Whitsbury Manor Stables, we understand that the quest for success is only possible through sustained and concerted teamwork. The tightly-knit team at Whitsbury has been forged on a foundation of years of hard-won, professional experience, combined with remarkable loyalty and dedication, much of it beyond the public gaze. The following details offer brief information on just some of the people at Whitsbury who contribute to the Tregoning’s growing successes.

Marcus Tregoning – Trainer

team_marcus_tregoningMarcus Tregoning is living proof that time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted. He spent the longest apprenticeship in racing, all of 14 years, working for Dick Hern, a legendary figure who trained sixteen Classic winners.

When Marcus started on his own in 1997 it was immediately apparent that the lessons learned from the old master had not been wasted. The future of Kingwood House Stables was in good hands.

Young, energetic and refreshingly open Marcus set off with fifty horses and a bucketful of enthusiasm. Soon the winners were flowing. In no time at all he was training over 100 horses.

John Kennedy
Head Lad


As well as carrying out his duties as number one Head Lad, John manages the majority of the yearling work in the autumn.

John is also experienced in equine nutrition and mixes each feed individually so that each horse is fed to their own specific needs.

Angie Kennedy
Assistant Trainer


Angie, assists John with the running of the yard and oversees the horses at exercise when Marcus is away.

Aboard Mubtaker in her photograph.

Vicky May
Racing Office

team_vicky_hillVicky works in the office full time and is responsible for all office, admin and bookkeeping work.

Charlie Pinkham

Charlie PinkhamPinkham Equine Veterinary Services – Based on site, Charlie is our trustworthy vet who is regularly making routine visits to the yard to make sure all horses receive the finest health care possible.