Whitsbury Facilities


stables7Whitsbury Manor Stables is situated in the peaceful village of Whitsbury over looking the famous downlands that have been recorded as having racehorses trained on them since as far back as 1840.

The benefits of the move to this area include the use of first class facilities that have delivered a conveyor belt of winners down the years for great names of the turf including Sir Gordon Richards, Bill Marshall and David Elsworth.

stables3The private estate at Whitsbury Manor Stables provides an excellent environment for racehorses to be trained effectively to their individual requirements.

This traditional yard with its brick stables and thatched barns has the scope to stable up to eighty horses. To compliment this there are extensive grass gallops ranging in distance from six furlongs to over one mile. Also available is a five furlong circular sand gallop which offers an ideal platform for steady exercise ahead of more serious work on the mile long all weather wood chip gallop that stretches steadily uphill towards the distant skyline. This provides varied terrain and first class training options for the horses to exercise and work on.

archway2vanThe two covered horse walkers are very beneficial for warming up or cooling off before and after exercise. They are sometimes also used during the afternoon for a leg stretch. For horses that are coming back from a break the horse walker is also a very effective conditioning aid, which helps strengthen muscles and bones before increasing their level of exercise.

Education of each racehorse prior to its initial visit to the races is vital to prepare them for the atmosphere and extra challenges the races pose compared with at home. Younger horses or horses that are wary of entering the stalls are regularly taken through the mobile stalls, which is similar to what they would experience during a race.

We also have an Operator’s Licence and our own six and two horse lorries, to transport horses to and from the races. Should a situation arise where a horse requires veterinary attention it can quickly and safely be transported to the nearby vet.